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The Hero Story, a softskill based gamified assessment for recruitment
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IamProgrez is revolutionizing the job-recruitment market. Utilizing cutting-edge gamification technology, we can accurately profile candidates in ways that are more fun, less intrusive and far more revealing than standard assessment- and recruitment procedures.

Twenty-first century softskills,  company culture and vibe; we measure them all, wrapped up in a gamified assessment, that can be tailored to your organisation. This way, we ensure every business gets the employees they want and need.

Our user-friendly solution creates a more seamless connection between job seekers and potential employers, reducing recruitment time and more accurately pairing companies with their ideal candidate.


Speed up your recruitment process by funneling your candidates.

Cutting costs

Save money by retaining talented employees within your organisation.

Culture fit

Select employees that match your organisation now, and in the future.

Why us?
Eight reasons why The Hero Story will enhance your company’s recruitment process:  
You will have more information about your candidates in an early stage. This will improve the quality of conversations, during the actual job interview.
HR starting point
Which softskills are needed for your organisation to grow?
Specific competencies
The Hero Story is customizable on your specific wishes and surveys the softskills you want to know about.
Manage employee turnover
Employees that match your company culture, will be more likely to build up loyalty and a strong connection to your company.
Professional branding
Your recruitment process will match your company culture, as well as your new employees.
Gamified assessment
The Hero Story is of this era, that means: anywhere, anytime.
Streamline recruitment process
Recruiting good employees will be less time consuming, because your company is able to recruit more accurately.
Cutting costs
Due to a more accurate recruitment process, your company will save money.
The process
In a nutshell, these steps will be taken if you are interested in The Hero Story:

Ask for a demo and see how The Hero Story could streamline your company’s recruitment process.


When you know what you want, The Hero Story is adjustable to suit your needs.


The Hero Story is ready for use, and will bring you your next super employee.

What our customers say
Some feedback we received from our customers:
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